About Me

Photos of Meghalaya: A date with your own soul! 42/86 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)

A vagabond dreamer, a rhymer and singer of songs
Singing to no one and nowhere to really belong“- Waylon jennings!
Time passes and life moves on.. We all are here today, and tomorrow its all gone;What rests behind is the little memories we have made and the thoughts that we shared.

Thus letting the soul be a wanderer, forever flying like a free spirit. And in this journey, I am here to share some Thoughts, Tales, Adventures, Information.. All written, learnt and experienced by the gypsy soul I have! Happy reading!!
Vagablogging in Progress… 🙂

Hey There! Warm greetings (Or cold.. depending on the current temperature at your place :p) Glad you chose know me a little!

Khwab-eeda: “Dreamer” in the simplest of terms.. But the depth of the term goes way beyond it.. Something misty and magical like an early winter morning.. Having something real yet more like an illusion!

Khana-ba-dosh: Urdu word for a nomad or a “Banjaara” which my soul truly is… There’s some sort of a magic on the roads.. As soon as i hit it, I feel this is where I belong! A backpack, a half made itinerary and enough confidence to take on the world! After all why to have a permanent house, when the entire world is mine to embrace!?

Qissa-go: A Tale teller or a story teller! As I see the world I come across a number of things and incidents which i wish to share.. The eyes see only what lies in front of us but the heart reads things underneath.. And all this real and assumed stories, I am here to spread!

I am a lazy fat ass traveler who loves to be on the roads but not a daredevil adventurist! I would not just jump off a cliff or spend an entire month in tents next to a river! Rather I would chose to go for an unplanned roadtrip to the mountains and stay with locals at homestays or farmstays! While I like the pace of life, I also like to take a journey slow and imbibe a place within me! The folk tales of tribes and people of a place fascinate me! I always like to see everything from a different point of view.. Every little activity and habit of an aboriginal is due to a reason and it dates back to ages, and unraveling such mysteries gives me an ultimate high!

A hard core foodie; vegetarian(may have eggs sometimes) and a coffee addict, I love to try all sorts of local cuisines and when lucky I would like to try and cook local food as well! Though I can survive on protein bars and water for days.. yet Food is Bae! Trying authentic local cuisine is a blissful feeling!!

I call myself a “Travelist” as i find myself a traveler who sometimes get touristy and cliche! While I love clicking the nature around me, I can’t stop clicking selfies as well! No matter how cheesy, I love getting souvenirs for people! Though I move like hippie to places, I still carry a pepper spray and a torch! I am not a “traveler” enough to bid a goodbye to my home for years as i live on roads and I am not a “tourist” enough to make pre bookings at comfortable stays!

Know me more??

Well I am Chetna khetawat, Basically from a small town in Assam. A dreamer since my younger days and always a story teller! While my classmates at school spent time playing games and studying, I would write fictional stories and poems.. Always chose cycling by the riverside over an “adda” at a fancy restaurant!

But after school as I supposedly “grew up”, fell in the trap of the peer pressure and gave up my weird love for Writing and Nature Love and started focusing on making a “Sustainable career”. After somehow getting done with my MBA and landing up with a boring job at Kolkata.. I almost lost myself to depression due to the monotony and a horrible personal life! I decided to give my career another chance by joining a rather creative field of Event Management.. But then i guess the universe had better plans for me!

So I am someone who strongly believes in the Universe connection, destiny and Karma! And it so happened that I took a trip to Kinnaur and Spiti valleys, Himachal with my best friend and I felt a strong urge to keep wandering in those hills.. On returning I found out that my mother wasn’t keeping well and I had to spend a few months with her because of which I had to quit my job! And that is when the magic happened! Going back to my hometown gave me the chance to explore amazing parts of North east India and that is when i knew that it’s all a calling of the soul and i am meant to travel and tell stories!! Though after leaving a Cushy job and urban lifestyle, funding travel on mere savings and a few flying works gets a little difficult.. But in the end it’s all worth it! after all as I said.. It’s the calling of the soul!

Happy reading!