How I Lost and Found precious photos!

Being a Travel Blogger and getting to travel to different places and sharing your experience with the world is sort of the best thing to happen to you. You know that people wait for your experiences and rely on your expertise to make their plans and bookings. But as Spider-man said: “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”. And I extremely agree to the same, we are responsible for unbiased and genuine feedbacks, we are responsible to share our experiences with the world and we are responsible to show the world the places we have been! And not living up to these expectations is disappointing for the followers as well as a major dent in your blog. I recently met with an incident where I did goof up with my responsibility but was saved with the help of an amazing expert!

A nightmare isn’t just a horrible dream which wakes you up. It could be a horrible incident which doesn’t let you sleep as well! I might be sounding like exaggerating or drama-fying my incident but I lost my TRAVEL PHOTOS! Yes, my 32GB SD Card having pictures from all my recent trips to Western Ghats, Gokarna and Uttar Pradesh (Brij Ki Holi trip) just vanished in thin air!

So, I was looking for some pictures to transfer to my phone for uploading on the Instagram, and my Camera kept showing “Insert SD Card”, I rechecked it a number of times and the card was already mounted, I panicked and inserted another card in the Camera and it accepted this one! It was only then I realized that I might have a problem.

I am pretty lazy with transferring data and creating backups regularly. Especially with the wi-fi options in the DSLRs, I just transfer the required picture to my phone, edit and upload the same. Plus, I had been keeping extremely busy lately and haven’t written a blog on either of these places yet, which left me with only like 50 out of 5K pictures which I had uploaded on Social Media. So my 32 GB precious SD card had like a ton of images and all the hard work I have done, clicking pictures and making memories was in that 1 inch square plastic card which was of no use to me now!

I have heard of regular Data Recovery Services and quite honestly I don’t have a pretty good review about them and wouldn’t wish to shell out a lot of money for the same. That’s when I came across the ISO Certified recovery service, Stellar Data Recovery! I read reviews about them and all were 4 Star plus, while other recovery services would generally have mixed reviews. Also, there’s this awesome Travel Blogger I follow who had written about the amazing services these guys provide and their photo recovery service. A little skeptical in the beginning, I somehow managed to call them for help. Oh and what a gentle response. These guys actually have a branch in Pune-Stellar Data Recovery Pune , close to where I was staying and they listened to all my cribs and complaints calmly assuring me that I would receive my pictures back also, I was promised that I would not be charged a single penny if the data wasn’t recovered!

Still uncertain, I asked them to pick the card from my place and the agreed for a home pick up, in fact they offer free home pick-up and delivery for almost all their customers. The pick-up guy came to my place and took the Memory Card from me, assuring me the recovery. Fingers crossed and I gave it to him for the initial analysis to check if data can be recovered or not and how much data they can recover also the estimated cost. I received the analysis report within a day. And after my approval they start working on my SD Card After spending almost a day in anticipation and nervously, I got a call from their office that I would get my photos back and guess what, it cost me much lesser than what I had expected!

When I asked them the details about the process and my privacy (I mean, that is after all important), they guaranteed me 100% Privacy and data security as they are Iso certified organization and recovering data since 1993 . And after all if they have served over 2 Million plus victims of data loss, there must be something commendable about them! I mean, we can call them the new age “gadget doctors” right! At least that’s what they are to me, and just like a human hospital be, they make sure that any product, be it hard drives, SD Cards or phones aren’t tampered with. It’s always opened only in A Class 100 clean room– thus guarantying the product to not get further damaged!

I am extremely glad I chose Stellar for my SD Card Recovery and I would personally recommend you to get in touch with the Stellar Data Recovery guys if you ever fall into a place like I did (Although I hope you don’t!) They are available at different locations in all the major cities across the country.

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