Traveler at Heart or a Vacation loving Tourist!?

Hey there…

Most of us love to take vacations and frequently travel… Now even if you travel a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a Traveler at Heart! And even if you travel lesser than your peers and to less popular and “not expensive” places, doesn’t make you a Tourist! While it’s totally amazing to be either of these, lets find where you belong!!

Well, If you don’t love travelling at all, then… 

You are Neither! And this post isn’t for You!! :p

Check How many of these you can relate to!

1. You are really bad at saving money, because as soon as you have enough, you’re off on your next trip!

2. You Have a Map, marking all the places you’ve been to or want to visit. In fact you have many maps, all of which reminds you to plan a new trip soon!

3. Your backpack is your most prized possession and well worn off by now.

4. Whenever your friends see a post related to travel, you are the first person they tag.

5. You have almost got used to sleeping at Train stations & Airports.

6. You aren’t fussy about Stay or Food. You have seen it all, now you are fine with anything livable and edible!

7. You are always daydreaming of where you will go next.

8. One of your favorite things to do is to plan a new trip while you are already on one. Which maybe with the people you have met on this trip!

9. Many times you find yourself travelling with a One-Way ticket; you don’t want to fix a return schedule.

10. Your peers always take your advice before planning any trip. (And you always have the urge to join them: p)

11. Your bucket list never seems to get shorter, because there’s always something new to add.

12. It is not the booze or smoke; it’s the spirit of travel that gives you ultimate high!

13. First thing you do in the beginning of every year, is count the number of Long Weekends!

14. You don’t really take much time to pack; either your bag is half packed, or you very well know what and how to carry.

15. Everybody knows you have “one brown jacket”, because you have so many pictures in that favorite hoodie of yours!

16. One of the real reasons you love traveling is because of all the amazing food from different places.

17. You will any day choose a trip over jewelry or any expensive product.

18. You love reading Travel blogs and may have a few apps installed on your phone too. Not to mention subscription to a few of your favorites.

19. If you haven’t traveled for a long time(maybe 1 month), you start feeling low and anxious.

20. You are always short of your own pictures at the end of a trip, because you love taking pictures of the places around you rather than yourself.

21. You know Greetings like Hello and Thank You in many languages. Connecting with locals is something you love.

22. You have a pen drive/I pod full of Travel related songs!

23. You love collecting Souvenirs like Post Cards, fridge magnets, bag tags etc.

24. When watching a movie, your friends go gaga over the good looking actors; while you are always drawn towards the background and scene where it is shot!

25.  You have camped at least once with a group of strangers! 

26. 70% of your memory is filled with either the details of your past trips or the once you are planning. You remember almost all conversations and names of even smallest villages. Mental Journal!

27. The best way to celebrate your birthday is to explore a new destination!

28. You don’t really need a company to enjoy a place; Solo trips have made you way comfortable in your own company!!

Bonus (For Women only: p) You are now used to travelling during “those days” and keep an extra set of tampons and painkillers just in case!

If you smiled at any 20 of these; Congratulations!! You are a Traveler in the real sense of terms!! Here’s a Hug!

And if you didn’t relate to many of these, but you still like to go on vacations, you are a tourist! Wohoo!! Thanks a ton, the travel industry wouldn’t survive well without you guys! Let’s celebrate!!

Well You know, doesn’t matter you come out as a Traveler or Tourist.. Just keep travelling and keep alive the love for it!

Oh Boy!! This post makes me wanna travel, so packing up my bags and off I go!! 

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  1. Rakesh kumar says:

    Yah… It’s it’s tyre one.. and great written. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Rakesh! 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Wow, some of these are sooo true!!

    1. Am glad you could relate Nina! Thanks!! 🙂

  3. Haha guess I’m a traveler at heart!

    1. You totally are! That even I agree! I adore your spirit and love for Travel! 🙂

  4. Radif Rahman says:

    Such a lovely post to read loved the photos as well.

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