The Dreamer… With a Vagabond Soul!!


And when the pain was too much to bear.. When the vagueness couldn’t be tolerated, When i wanted answers for myself, When I didn’t know what “Home” means? What is “Settling down”? What do I want from life?  Why is there this permanent emptiness? Why does “Happiness” not make me happy? That is when My heart whispered in my ears:

What do you come from? Where do you go?

Searching for happiness, in Paper notes and Shows.

It’s all momentary, no relevance tomorrow;

You have nothing and to nowhere you belong!

Time passes and life moves on..

You are here today, and tomorrow its all gone;

What rests behind is the little memories you have made,

And the thoughts that you shared.

Let your soul be the wanderer it really is,

Let it fly forever like a free spirit.

You wont seek no more answers then;

Because it wouldn’t matter, once you set yourself free.

Always remember,  All you have is moments..

All you are is a Dreamer with a vagabond soul!

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