Nameri and Bhalukpong: The Birding Paradise!

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A brief about the destination:

Nameri National Park is located around 200 kms from Guwahati and 30 kms from Tezpur in Assam.. A dusty Park where you can go Wildlife Trekking, Rafting, Canoying, Angling etc. Lying on The Border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, this beautiful National Park covers an area of 200 sq. km. Its a birdwatchers paradise with over 300 species of birds and not to mention a huge list of animals to be spotted as well!
Bhalukpong, which is around 20 kms from Nameri is a quaint small town half in Assam, half in Arunachal. Its kind of funny how you have to get a Pass made in order to visit the other side of Bhalukpong (A gate is made) which is Arunachal. This town holds importance as it is a major gateway to Arunachal pradesh!
Photos of Bhalukpong 1/20 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)

What brought us here?

It was a Friday afternoon and we were chilling, (actually getting jealous) looking at the pictures of friends staying at Delhi who take so many weekend trips as there is no dearth of amazing places there. After a discussion of over an hour and calling up various resorts and vacation spots around Guwahati, we finalized Nameri! So glad we did! You will never regret coming here!

How We Spent The weekend:

Day1: We left from Guwahati at 8 AM. Had breakfast at Jagiroad which is around an hour from Guwahati.. Reached Nameri National Park by 12 Noon.. We didn’t have any prior reservations so went room hunting first and since it was a Bihu(Biggest festival of Assam) weekend.. We couldn’t get any place at the famous Nameri Eco Camps or Cottages nearby.. There were a few more camps but due to the season time, all of them were booked! It’s an amazing experience camping here for a night(They have luxury tents too), Plus the fresh food! They go fishing after you place the order and bring that on your plate (We are vegetarians and happy with basic potato).
Chill at the riverside on a lazy winter afternoon, click pictures and just be awed by the beauty of the nature. You may spot a few birds and they love getting clicked so they wont shy away from your camera! There’s a small town nearby by the name Balipara, we found a good place to stay there (Wild Mehseer) which was to expensive but really worth if you like to splurge, We had lunch there and left for room hunting to Bhalukpong, which is another 25 kms from Nameri.. The roads were a sheer treat to the eyes.. Chilly n cloudy.. And greens in both sides of the road! Good music.. Amazing journey!
Photos of Bhalukpong 4/8 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)
Reached Bhalukpong which is located at the foothills of Himalaya and is the Assam-Arunachal Border.. We ended up getting a Cottage at Prashanti Cottages..
It is a decent enough place to stay.. The view is breath taking.. And you can hear the sound of the water stream.. We walked to the stream which is around a KM away.. And reached back by late evening.. They arranged a Bonfire for us and we had good music.. Alcohol and food!! Awesome night it was! Chilling at Bhalukpong.. Unplanned and with the best people and amidst the lap of nature!
Day2: You will get up in the morning to the sounds of the stream just beside the resort. I couldn’t resist myself from going down by the stream again! The cold water stream amidst high hills and the cloud romancing the trees will make you fall in love! Its like music to your ears.. Like someone whispering sweet nothings into your ears which brings on a smile! Then just had some hot coffee, sitting on the swing and overlooking the hills.. And since we were late, my friends picked me up and we left for Nameri.
Photos of Lazing the morning at the resort 2/20 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)
The smooth roads and slight rains led us back to the National Park. We went on a small trek, spotted a few animals and birds, but we lazy asses got tired of the walk and came back to the Eco camp. The camp in itself is very beautiful. You can roamed around there, Click pictures, enjoy the silence and let the nature talk to you! You can hear the animals and birds! I wished to stay at the camp for at least a day!
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For the Rafting, they drove us back to Bhalukpong as that was the starting point of the ride! We were excited about it. It was an 18 km long stretch to be covered in 2 hours. Basically a Level 1 rafting with Very mild rapids.. You might get a little bored if you are looking for Adventure! But it was beautiful and so tranquil! You would want to meditate there and reconnect with yourself! We got down at 2 mini islands. Spotted variety of birds and it was very peaceful!
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Reached Nameri again around 5 PM. Leaving from here was a very difficult call! As this short getaway has healed the soul!!
But, had to leave for Guwahati again.. Having “lunch”(at 6 PM) at Tezpur..
Reached Home at post at night!
An unplanned and memorable trip.. Perfect getaway from guwahati, in the lap of nature!!
Highly recommended for someone who wants to reconnect with oneself or the nature!
Please pre-book and stay at the Eco camps! Its an amazing feel!
At least Once in your life, give Nameri a chance! It will surprise you! 🙂
Photos of Eco Camp 4/20 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)
Fresh dew and wet stones after an early morning drizzle!!
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Eco Camp!
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Prashanti Cottages at Bhalukpong!
Photos of Bhalukpong 7/8 by Chetna Khetawat (The Vagabond Dreamer)
Such Pristine beauty!
Everything kind of looks beautiful in nature!
Related image
The Assam-Arunachal gate at Bhalukpong!

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