Mandarmani – A Tranquil Beach of the East!

“Should I take this trip or skip it for a couple of days extra at Kolkata? It would be a Solo trip anyway; beaches are more fun with company. Chuck it! I better stay back and catch up with my friends, Mandarmani some other time!” I thought to myself before sleeping but somehow I forgot…

Mystical Mangroves of Pichavaram- A day trip from Pondicherry!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you tell me you haven’t heard of the Pichavaram Mangroves before.  Located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, around 230 KMs from Chennai, lies this mystical place which happens to be the World’s second largest Mangrove forest (Largest is Sunderbans Mangrove forest of West Bengal, India).  This amazing creation of…

Meghalaya: A date with your own soul!

A brief about the Magical Land: Sometimes I feel blessed that I stay only at a few hours distance from this amazing land “abode of clouds”-Meghalaya! Do you remember the Typical scenery which we as kids used to draw during junior school?? Beautiful little huts in the hills, gravel roads, a spring or a waterfall…

Nameri and Bhalukpong: The Birding Paradise!

A brief about the destination: Nameri National Park is located around 200 kms from Guwahati and 30 kms from Tezpur in Assam.. A dusty Park where you can go Wildlife Trekking, Rafting, Canoying, Angling etc. Lying on The Border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, this beautiful National Park covers an area of 200 sq. km….

Tripping in the magic of Parvati Valley!

If you are an 80s or a 90s kid, I am sure you must have seen ample disney cartoons and read alluring fairy tales and wondered if such places shown as “Enchanting woods” even exist! Well, the answer would be Parvati Valley! From Lush green Mountains to a distant view of huge snow capped peaks….